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I sure wish I had something to put here, other than the fact that I'll probably forget this in a few weeks.





Haha this is so true for me it makes me sad and is basically why I don’t draw much lately

Painfully accurate

I have a number of these..

My liiiiife.

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When you flip bats upside down they become exceptionally sassy dancers.

Just look at them

I wanna be a sassy bat…

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Poor lil guys.

Animated movies (because of course no live action movie could escape depicting them as the adorable little buggers they are) design them like they’re tiny vicious wolves who will sneak into a house just to murder your baby

when they’re actually these big plushy doofuses with perpetually ridiculous expressions, and courtesy of their extremely social nature and proclivity for living (and getting along) in huge groups, are a lot less likely to go aggressive on you than, say, a Syrian hamster or a cat or other animals that are/were originally exclusively solitary.

(Yes, they did carry the plague, but a) the real vector was the fleas, not the rats, and b) that was Rattus rattus, whereas any rats you’d likely encounter today are Rattus norvegicus, an entirely separate species that has a different relationship with pathogens.)

EDIT: because people won’t stop bringing up this little guy

Yeah, but, like, a 2007 movie whose storyline is built specifically around the character fighting the stigma against this species may be a break in the pattern, but it only exists because the pattern exists, n’est-ce pas? It’s the typical exception that proves the rule.


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I actually once had someone ask me “which wharf” I got my rats from (I live in a fishing community - lotsa wharves).

People are dumb, sometimes.

My idea of patriotism is to dress my trainer in a red/white themed outfit. Effort!
Also happy Canada Day.

These guys all have at least four IVs and they’re all going out on wonder trade, if I ever get around to it.
Not particularly rare ‘mons, but knowing what I’ll get in return, I’m not losing sleep over it :D

I’ve noticed that my posting strategy has evolved into “lurk for weeks, accumulating likes, then go on a reblogging blitz. communicate with no one.”

I’m not really sure why that is.


ah yes, the majestic Word Bank.

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Bats are really cool and I love them.

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